I am starting this web-site with two items intended to set the stage for recognizing the differences between our Western legal tradition and God’s way for dealing with conflict.  If a person is able, having read them, to say, “Maybe there is something here; maybe God does have a different purpose and thus a different design”, then my further writings fleshing things out will possibly mean more.

I now want to examine what I believe are some major impediments to the practicing of restorative justice. In the biblical side, it is gossip [Dealing With Gossip and What Is/Is Not, Godly Investigation]. In the secular side, it is what I choose to call the unnecessary criminalization of actions [The Issue of Criminalization of Behavior]. I will end this series of postings with [The Story of Phillip] as a means of showing the great divide between the punitive model and the restorative model.

Having attempted to set forth the distinctiveness of Restorative Justice vs Man’s legal processes, and shown some major impediments to the practice of God’s way, I now want to explore in some detail how God would have us deal with conflict. In the list of descriptions, these writings start with THE PATH TO RECONCILIATION and end with COMPARING GOVERNANCE/LAW OF STATE AND CHURCH. The writings wander across many different subjects. Some are largely theoretical and philosophical while others are quite practical. I have tried to link them as appropriate.